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Coinflip Studios


First Person Shooter



Production Time

8 weeks (100%)

Team Size


My Contributions

  • Recast/Detour Navigation
  • Weapon System
  • Mystery Box

Project Summary

My eighth project at The Game Assembly was another game built on the same engine "Volt" we created in our sixth project. Since we already had most of the functionality required to create games, we were able to get started a lot faster this time around.

With a solid engine to work with and 8 weeks of full-time work ahead of us, we were prepared for much more this time around. The game we created was a first-person shooter game called "Vipertrace" which was referenced by Call of Duty: Black Ops - Zombies.

In this futuristic sci-fi adventure, players step into the boots of a resilient protagonist in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. As the city grapples with an invasion of velociraptor aliens, gamers must harness an impressive arsenal of high-tech weaponry to combat the extraterrestrial threat and ascend to newfound power. Navigate the neon-lit streets, engage in intense battles, and strategically advance through the alien-infested terrain.

Recast/Detour Navigation

Weapon System

Mystery Box